Locked In to Feature ‘Interactive Episode’

After the discovery of Harley’s body in the church, the students of Mistwood High are more on edge than ever. The latest murder leaves everyone feeling unsafe, and now, viewers will have a chance to make their own decisions. The fourth episode of Locked In, entitled “Your Turn to Play“, will feature a set of interactive choices viewers can make. By clicking annotations that will appear on-screen, viewers will be able to make decisions for the characters and decide the outcome of the episode.

Gifted with the ability to hide in the shadows, the killer of Mistwood has chosen to remain quiet for weeks. But when a mysterious figure kidnaps one of their own and begins to make demands, Lily is given no choice but to play a sinister game. For the first time ever, viewers will make decisions for Lily and change the outcome of the show.

The episode is still in pre-production, so it may be some time before it’s seen on screens, but it will be interesting to see what decisions viewers make for Lily.

Locked In airs on xlittleliars channel.


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